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For visiting our web site, freefortourists.com. The purpose of this website is to allow individuals, tourist organisations, hotels, companies and others to share information about free things for tourists to enjoy in different parts of the world. Our ambition is that this shall be the natural source of information for anyone searching for ways to get more out of their travel budget.

Our mission (The big idea with the site)

The world is a wonderful place and the more people that understand that, the more wonderful it will be. Since "seeing is believing" we want to make it possible for as many as possible to travel and see, understand and hopefully appreciate different people and cultures. Today one can easily find cheap flights and accommodation but activities after arriving may still take a large chunk of the travel budget. Our contribution will be to offer a platform where one can share information about what's free and thereby increasing travel value. Making it possible to afford more or longer trips.

Therefore freefortourists.com does NOT strive to optimise profit from advertisers and other business opportunities. That's why we will allow maximum 20% of the site for advertisers.

That's why we will not ask you to give us access to all your friends and details when logging in with your Facebook account. That's why you will never get a pop-up add in your face when you visit the site. Ant that's why we will not sell your contact information to third parties who want to sell something to you.

The only exception to the latter is that we co-operate with a third party (like Google Adsense) for adverts we allow on the site. This is a way for us to provide you with relevant offers and at the same time get some revenue to make future improvements on the site.

This site will however always be for YOU, the curious traveller who want to explore the wonderful place where we all live.

Why we exist (The small idea we come from)

The idea was born after searching good flights and hotels but then not being sure what to do at the destination and at the same time remembering a wonderful travel experience 20 years ago. I started to search in my memory for what I enjoyed before when travelling and as so many times before one of the first things that came to mind was a nice Sunday walk in the Borghese Park in Rome. I then realised that many of the best travel experiences I had was free and that I had many such experiences to share with others. A nice forest walk, a super spot to see the sunset, a nice garden to enjoy colourful flowers or a interesting museum (in for example Sweden many museums have no entrance fee). But how can you tell a fellow traveller about such things? Well hopefully this can be the place and I sincerely hope you will share with others. In return we will do our best to keep down the commercialisation of the site and don't make it overloaded with banners and advertising. After all the main "customer" is any traveller who just like me only want to find a good jogging trail in the place I am going on my next trip.

Basic facts / info

Adding content to FreeForTourists.com is absolutely FREE of charge. All you need to do in order to add an activity is to create an account by providing some basic facts. This is merly done to avoid getting the site full of rubbish. Please note that anything put up on the site must be FREE for the tourist, if there are any conditions these must be very clearly stated. I.e. if you run a restaurant and offer a "Free dessert" for anyone showing a foreing passport and ordering a hot meal you need to make it very clear to the reader of the site. You may NOT trick people to your place and then inform them about these conditions. If you do publish such content we reserve the right to close down your account. In the mentioned case you could for example use the headline "Free dessert when buying hot meal" and then start by mentioning that the tourist must bring their passport. If you do it right conditional offers like this is ok to put up on the site.

We would however prefer that the majority of the content on the site is provided by fellow travellers, anyone wanting to share nice free thing to do in their home town, tourist organisations etc. As you can see under each activity there will be possibilites for visitors to the site to post comment and if you feel anyone states something that is not correct you should primarily use this comment function to object. We will not remove information about any individuals experience of an activity unless they contain abusive language or fact errors.

Ingemar Fredriksson


For entering your tips about free activities, together we create better travel value!.


But since this is a open community we cannot guarantee that all content is correct, we therefore advice you to double-check directly with each offer to verify facts, location, opening hours etc.

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